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Getting a tattoo is a liberating feeling. Most people have secretly rebellious natures and tend to secretly desire to get tattoos. However, without proper research and enough information, one could easily end up with bad tattoos that you can’t easily erase. Luckily, tattoo erasing technologies have been developed in the recent years. We now have choices to get rid of tattoo naturally or using laser technology. Beware that there are some untrusworthy tattoo shops falsely claiming to have the best techniques but can potentially cause scarring, making them worse than they ever were. The only way to get rid of bad tattoos really is to not get one by choosing beautiful tattoo designs.

Here are some of the ways to avoid ending up with bad tattoos.

Avoid Getting Names for Tattoos Many people get the name of their girlfriend or boyfriend tattooed on spots that many people see like the shoulder, the small of their backs and even on their arms, which is good, until the relationship is over. Good examples of celebrities who had the names of their partners on their bodies are Johnny Depp for Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie for Billy Bob Thornton’s name. True, these people had passionate love lives but neither pair ended up with each other—or have but went their separate ways.

Avoid Pictures of Potential Exes Another one of these bad tattoos is getting inked with your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s face. This is actually just a worse variation of getting names for tattoos. A good example of celebrity is Jermaine Dupri who had his then wife Janet Jackson on his side. He and Janet ended up divorcing each other.

Check the Spelling It is quite enticing to print your favourite adage on your entire inner arm and lots of people adore Bible verses, quotes from famous people and other written tattoos. However, there is nothing worse than a tattoo with the wrong spelling. Also, if it really can’t be helped, use your own language to prevent any epic failure. Hayden Panettiere is a good example of a celebrity who has misspelled tattoo.

Don’t Overexpose It is one thing to get bad tattoos and another to be too proud about them. It is advisable to get your tattoos on body parts that are somewhat hidden most of the time to build plenty of mystique. Always place tattoos on body parts that can easily and subtly be covered up, in case they can potentially offend someone or lead to people laughing at your bad tattoos.

Choose Awesome Designs. Do your research thoroughly. Shop around online for awesome designs that your local tattoo shop can copy.

Here is a video of the Top 5 Worst Tattoos watched by more than 6 million you tube viewers:


To sum it up, there are ways to avoid ending up with bad tattoos. However, you can always have it erased or faded out in case you can’t run away anymore from people’s scrutiny. You can opt to have laser technique, however, if you easily get scars; don’t even think about this and the surgical techniques. Instead, try natural fading remedies like apricot scrubs. There are also chemicals that can help you fade bad tattoos. Also, don’t imitate all your favourite celebrities and cover yourself with lots of tattoos just because you like these people. Listen to yourself and make sure that you are doing this because you have really researched and thought about it. Get tattoos to express your individuality, not to imitate someone else. You will definitely know when you are ready to get one!

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