Some tattoo quotes may negate their objectives if proper selection is not done. Misspelled words can make even the greatest tattoo quote to demonstrate lack of education and cleverness. Whether accidently or purposely, it can be one of the worst tattoo quotes ever. In case you are getting words from quotes or poems tattooed on the body, spend much time checking the word through the computer’s spell checker. For instance words such dog can be misspelled as do. Tattoo is permanent feature on the body that calls for sobriety, research and patience.

Seriously, it’s the whole package that makes Mena Suvari’s tattoo terrible and ridiculous. The tattoo quote is” word sound power“. Just try to imagine what went through the mind of the tattoo artist. He decided to make that illogical quote just right below a lion tattoo on the back of Mena’s neck. You may think that Mena has never realized how awful her tattoo looks since it’s on her back. I wish someone could have given her a mirror to check the tattoo. This demonstrates some of the celebrities’ lack of style when choosing tattoos.

Firstly, congratulations go to Megan Fox for quoting Shakespeare in her tattoo. The quote is we will all laugh at a gilded butterfly. Most of the tattoos with famous quotes just render the owner to look ridiculous and shallow instead of wise and deep. The tattoo on Megan’s back makes her look like someone without self-awareness at all. Does she realize that she is primarily the modern model of a glided butterfly? Megan is valued for her talent and depth and not as a statue that some horny dudes stare and admire. The quote is senselessly pretentious to an extent of making people lose respect for her. But maybe, she could be having a better explanation for the quote. The quote therefore nominates her to the worst tattoo quotes ever.

Some funny guy has also made a tattoo between his lips and nose. The quote is “pussy eater“. The quote just demonstrates his characters to people who do not know him. The tattoo is the dumbest and worst tattoo quotes ever. It can just be compared to a certain guy with a similar tattoo on her stomach. The tattoo is quoted, “it won’t suck itself” in reference to his dick. Who does he expect to suck him? The quote just shows clear disrespect for women.

There are times that you just stroll on the streets and unfortunately bump into some ridiculous and immoral tattoos. For instance, a certain chick with the quote “my vagina is beautiful” tattooed on her back. Who wanted to know about the beauty of your private parts? The tattoo just shows how lose the chick could be. Sometimes you just wish to take the law in your own hands and scrub out this kind of tattoo.

A woman was paid $10,000 to get a tattoo on her forehead. The tattoo was quoted“. She mentions her kids’ education as the justification for doing it. She is very dumb to know that $10,000 cannot even enable her get an associate degree.


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