What Makes A Tattoo Really Bad

Tattoos have become increasingly popular and their popularity continues to rise to many youth. There are many tattoos that end up badly so that they do not look the way you intended it to be . There are many types of bad tattoos such as those with unclear graphics or text or misspelled, the colors used are done wrong or the tattoo is done too deep in the skin or too near the surface of the skin so it doesn’t look quite right. Badly done tattoos are also those that are just plain ugly, ridiculous or offensive.

One of the things that makes a tattoo really bad is when a tattooist does a poor job or does not have enough experience so that the tattoo graphics look elementary or basic with no artistic flair. Tattoos are meant to be works of art and they should be beautiful.
A tattoo without an outline will look unfinished or like a splotch of color on your skin which is not the look you want. A good tattoo has an outline and shading so that the graphics have texture, depth and dimension which is what gives your tattoo character.

Misspelled words are one of the most popular mistakes done on tattoos. Another popular mistake with letter and text tattoos is getting tattoos in a foreign language that you don’t understand and if the letters are not like the conventional alphabet, then the chances of getting them wrong is high. Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese characters are some of the most popular tattoos that end up wrongly done or misspelled.

Cover up tattoos are done on the surface of an old tattoo to try and improve the old one or conceal what the old one is. A cover up tattoo is supposed to improve the appearance of a tattoo however if the tattoo is not done well the tattoo will look worse than it did before. Offensive and ridiculous tattoos are bad choices that are made especially when they are in a visible part of the body. Racist text, tattoos that express bigotry of some kind, insulting and rude language may not be the best choice to have permanently expressed on your body. It is also not the wisest option to get a lover’s name tattooed because when the relationship ends you will be left with the name as a constant reminder of your failed relationship.

To ensure that you don’t end up with a tattoo that does not end up the way you envisioned, look at the tattoo artists portfolio; it will help if it has photos as well. Study the photos of what you want done; if you want a text tattoo pay attention to his textual work so you can determine if that is what you want. Make sure the tattoo artist uses a stencil before she begins to work on your skin so that if the stencil is wrong, it can be corrected. Get referrals from people with tattoos especially from those whose tattoos look good.

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