Were Beckham Tattoos a bad idea ?

David Beckham’s tattoo artist Louis Molloy recently¬† revealed he think so. He tried to talk him out of some of his body art.

Molloy urge Beckham¬† for “two years” to think twice about having inkings done on highly-visible parts of his body, including the four-by-six-inch winged cross he had etched on the back of his neck in 2004.

Louis Molloy believes David is happy to have ignored his advice because he never had it removed.

The soccer star’s most recent tattoo was the world ‘love’ written on his left hand. He has over 20 tattoos,including the name of Harper etched in script along his left collarbone and a design of Jesus being carried by three cherubs, which is dedicated to his three boys.

Do you agree with Beckham or Molloy ?


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