Top Bad Tattoo Mistakes

Tattoos are good as they enhance your appearance and add to your natural beauty. However, it is important to note that tattoos are permanent and so you will live with it forever. Tattoos also take time to heal, and so you need to stop habits that make the healing duration longer than expected. The following is a list of the top bad tattoo mistakes to avoid:

1. Choosing the wrong design or quality
The design and quality of your tattoo speaks a lot about yourself. A wrong design can interfere with your outlook and give you a very distorted image. The same applies to a poor quality-it is just a waste of time and money. You need to shop around for the best tattooist in town in order to get the best quality. It is advisable to put quality ahead of budget as a cheap tattoo is less likely to last. When choosing the design, ensure that it is something you are comfortable with. Avoid outrageous designs that you saw on television or with a spectator in a theatre. Choose a design that communicates your personality and that which enhances your self esteem.

2. Choosing the wrong size
The size of your tattoo is determined by your anatomy as well as location. You do not want to paint all your neck with the shape of a snake, as this will look weird. A small person will need a smaller tattoo, compared to a heavy weight champion. When selecting the size, consider the location. Test it first with your tattooist in order to avoid getting ridiculous tattoos on your body.

3. Misspelling of special symbols
A tattoo can be in the form of a character, a symbol, image or words. Most tattooists misspell the symbols and characters that they are not familiar with, especially those that belong to a different language. Getting the wrong symbol or character can be very embarrassing, especially if the spelling mistakes leads to a major alteration of meaning.

4. Writing the name of a person you are not related to
Most teens and adolescents choose the names of their boyfriends and girlfriends as their tattoo designs. This is among the bad tattoo mistakes you should avoid especially if it is not clear that you will get married. The last thing you want to do is answer questions about the name on your tattoo to your future mate or children.

5. Getting drunk
Getting drunk is among the top bad mistakes you can make when going for a tattoo. Alcohol has the ability to thin your blood and increase bleeding. If you get drunk, you are likely to bleed for longer, and also take longer to heal from the tattoo wound. It is advisable to ensure that you are sober during a tattoo section and after in order to avoid excessive bleeding.

In conclusion, it is good to take time and test your design before having it on your body in order to confirm if it is the most appropriate one for you. Avoid using foreign language as your tattoo design, especially Chinese and Japanese characters as most people tend to misspell them. Take time to select the most appropriate design, something that you are comfortable to live with for the rest of your life.

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