Times When To Not Get A Tattoo

Making the decision to get a tattoo can be difficult. While it is possible to have tattos removed, the process is painful and expensive. Anyone interested in having a tattoo should think about the design and the meaning before making the decision to get inked. There are many times when not to get a tattoo.

First, women should be very careful about getting tattoos. If planning on having children, having a tattoo on the lower back area can prevent doctors from administering an epidural during labor. Also, tattoos in the stomach area will be stretched out if a woman is pregnant. Most doctors do not recommend getting a tattoo while pregnant as it can cause complications, so women should consider all of these factors before making the decision.

Secondly, do not get a tattoo if the tattoo parlor or artist appears sketchy. I have seen hundreds of bad tattoos that looked horrible. The price may be right and timing may be good, but there is nothing worse than having a poor quality tattoo. Always ask to see example’s of an artist’s work before letting them ink you. This may seem like an unnecessary step, but remember that this is an image that you’ll probably be stuck with for life.

Thirdly, do not get a tattoo when in love. Hundreds of people get their significant other’s name placed somewhere on their body, convinced that their love for this person will never die. Chances are, if you feel the need to tattoo that person’s name on your body, your chances of staying together forever are probably pretty small. Also, never get a tattoo because someone asks you too. This situation always ends badly.

Fourthly, never get a tattoo when drunk or upset. It may seem like a good idea to get a tattoo of a naked dancing girl on your bicep after downing a few drinks with the guys, but the next morning, you’ll probably regret that decision. Also, avoid tattoo places after a breakup or a loss. Many people tattoo pictures of their children on their bodies, which is a touching gesture, but make sure that this decision is thought through.

Fifthly and finally, don’t get a tattoo because you want the world to know you like something. Maybe U2 is your favorite band, but you should probably get a t-shirt instead of a tattoo. Always keep in mind that any tattoo that you’re going to like at 25, you should still be able to like at 55. There is really nothing worse than seeing an older person with a ridiculous tattoo probably gotten on a whim.

These are a few times when not to get a tattoo. Always remember that tattoos can be meaningful which is why it is important to think about them carefully before making the decision. If seriously considering getting a tattoo, look into different artists too see which one has the most experience and will give good results. There are many talented professional tattoo artists today that can do a great job.

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