Laser Tattoo Removal and other Methods

There are quite a number of procedures in the market today that you can undertake to remove bad tattoos. This article will outline some of the most common procedures in view to educate the reader on the best options available to them. These procedures include the following:

Laser Tattoo Removal

This tattoo removal procedure is not only the most preferred of the available options but it is also one that is highly recommended by medical practitioners. To perform it, a laser treatment specialist applies a laser beam to the skin and disintegrates the tattoo ink into minute particles. Consequently, these particles gradually fade away into the skin. Laser treatment is common amongst clients because unlike other treatments, it is capable of effectively removing the intricate details of most contemporary tattoos.

The major advantage of laser tattoo removal is that it is less injurious to the skin than surgical procedures. However, bad tattoo removal by this procedure is expensive and can be painful particularly if your tattoo is huge and detailed. Furthermore, this procedure can take up to a year, as it performed in phases with durations in between for the skin to heal.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Procedure

This is a breakthrough tattoo removal procedure that works in a similar way to laser treatment, only that it functions by the use of a wand rather than a traditional laser. It is the ideal procedure for smaller tattoos. Recent customer testimonials show that this treatment is less painful than laser and less injurious to the skin. However, the treatment is known to be way expensive than laser therapy and requires more appointments with a specialist to effectively remove the tattoo.


Creams have been incessantly marketed over the internet as the best alternatives to laser surgery. Cream manufacturers claim that this form of treatment is painless and for the best results they are to be applied daily for up to 12 months. However, since you have to purchase enough cream to last you throughout the year, it is not an economical option. More so, most of these cream treatments lack clinical backing and the manufacturers offer no guarantees. Therefore, there is always the threat you might invest in an ineffective product with harmful ingredients.

Surgical Procedures (Excision)

This bad tattoo removal procedure is not for the faint hearted. It literally involves cutting out the inked area with the use of a scalpel and then stitching it. For bigger tattoos, skin is usually grafted back onto the area.

The obvious disadvantage is that this procedure not only disfigures the skin, but it can be pretty painful and you face more risks in terms of infection and further damage during the post surgery period. More so, skin grafting can be a complicated and costly process. However, excision can be ideal for clients with smaller tattoos as they are cheaper and instantaneous. It also performed as an alternative for those who get skin irritations by patch tests with a laser.

Natural Method

You can use a mixture off 12 natural products to eradicate your tattoo, they bring no unintended effects, they’re 100% natural, thay cause no skin scarring plus they are absolutely cheap besides they work every time, regardless of how dark they are, how old they may be or what pigments are used. Why don’t we get back behind how tattoos leaves a mark in to begin with so that you can better appreciate how natural products assure removing them.

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Other Methods

Other methods include dermabrasion and salabrasion. They include sanding or scrubbing the skin so as to scrape off the inked areas. These methods are however uncommon these days as they are very harmful and render you highly vulnerable to infections and involve excessive bleeding.