NFL Star Colin Kaepernick New Tribal Tattoo

Colin Kaepernick just started his offseason, and he is not wasting any time adding to his tattoos.

Kaepernick tweeted the photo you see above on Thursday. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback added a tribal design around his pectorals and trapezius. The photo below via tattoo artist Orly Locquiao shows what designs were added:

Ater leading his San Francisco 49ers to within 5 yards of a championship, Colin Kaepernick was back under the needle Wednesday night, getting a tribal tattoo added to the large, script words he already had inked on his upper chest.

Kaepernick’s “Against All Odds” tattoo is now surrounded by a tribal design that Orly Locquiao, the tattoo’s artist, says represents “family, inner strength, spiritual growth and humility.”

Are these tattoo merit badges? I guess later ones will deal with mental toughness, resilience, love, conquering and not being afraid of the dark inside a large domed stadium.

The ink looks nice, if that’s your sort of thing. We want to know know whether Kaepernick was going to get the same tattoo no matter the result of Sunday’s game or if he had dueling designs, like when presidential candidates have to write victory and concession speeches.