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IPL Tattoo Removal Device only $140.00!

Tattoo removal as an industry has never had more growth than last year. 32% more tattoo removal procedures were done and people are looking everywhere for the cheap way out! Removing tattoos is no walk in the park, it takes time and effort. While there are many companies out there that sell at home tattoo removal solutions, very few live up to their claims. IPL tattoo removal (Intense Pulsed Light) has been recommended by top Dermatologists and Doctors alike for many years. Claiming it had a faster healing time and does less damage to the skin during treatments. This device is called the “Neo Mag Light Elite” IPL tattoo removal device. It works on the same principles as laser but causes fewer traumas to the skin. With this device you can remove your tattoos at home for 1000’s less than traditional laser treatments. Below are some key features in this at home tattoo removal device:

  • An average of a 21 day healing time between treatments
  • Neodymium Magnetic Tip attracts iron oxides (tattoo ink) to the treatment area
  • For less than the cost of 1 pro laser treatment you can remove 100’s of tattoos at home
  • Hand made in the USA and backed with a 60 day money back guarantee
  • Over 2000 happy customers worldwide say our device works!
  • 100’s of real testimonials available on Neo Mag Lights website
  • NEO Innovations is involved with charities to help kids get out of gangs

IPL tattoo removal at home has never been more affordable. Now with the Neo Mag Light you can remove your tattoos at home for a fraction of the cost of traditional laser systems. While tattoo removal has, over time progressed, it is still out of reach financially for most people. The Neo Mag is built in the USA and offers discount to military and students looking for tattoo removal to improve their lives or to remove hidious tattoos that inhibit them from become employed. Offering a 60 day money back guarantee, this device has been used by over 2000 people worldwide with great success. Fading your tattoos at home just became affordable and effective!

Tips for removing tattoos at home with the Neo Mag Light tattoo removal device:

  • Large tattoos are not recommended for use with this device.
  • Place the device directly on your skin and pulse 1-3 times (getting a snap burn)
  • Follow aftercare directions ensuring proper sanitation and cleanliness.
  • Wait approximately 21 days between treatments.
  • Keep hydrated.
  • As with all laser tattoo removal some scarring may occur.
  • Take your time with our IPL tattoo removal device and you will see results.

This IPL tattoo removal device uses 50 watts of light energy to fragment ink from underneath the skin, which is then removed by your body naturally through the immune system. The Neo Mag is the only device in the world to have a Neodymium Magnetic Tip that excites the iron oxides under the skin during treatment. While individual results may vary, this IPL tattoo removal device offers a solid money back guarantee! If you are unable to fade your tattoo within 60 days, simply return the device for a refund! Tattoo removal at home has never been so sought after as it is today, millions of people need tattoo removal nationwide and IPL tattoo removal with Neo Mag is the SOLUTION! Below are the key features of this Tattoo removal.

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 How it works

Recent Testimonial 10/10/2012

“Hello since I bought the neo mag light for tattoo removal its working beautiful I am doing my treatment exactly how you said and it is working beautiful I see the difference my tattoo is fading away even disappearing I am so happy!!! I did take a picture of before but when it is gone I will take a picture and I will send you the before and after. Thank you so much for creating this tattoo removal device!!!! Olga Hernandez Florida

PLEASE RESEARCH TATTOO REMOVAL AND RISKS BEFORE PURCHASING:  Compare our pics with the Salon Laser Removal blog/pics located in the company updates section to the right.

Neo Mag tattoo removal is only recommended for business card sized tattoos. Neo Mag Light is not recommended for dark skin tones. Scarring, lightening and darkening of the treatment area is a risk in all types of tattoo removal. Individual Results Will Vary.

The pink areas in the picture below slowly return to normal a few weeks after last treatment.  Please research actual before, during healing and after laser tattoo removal pics.  The pic below has about 40% removal in 21 days. A lot of background ink and shading is 100% removed. Notice that blistering IS NOT needed to get 100% removal on some types of inks. If this tattoo was the recommended size it would be almost 100% removed after just one treatment.