Celebrities With Bad Tattoos

Although one may be tolerant and understanding to the diversity and variety of tattoo art designs, some bad celebrity tattoos cannot escape your attention. These are individuals who reap millions from their performances and therefore deserve a perfect look. Most of them have personal stylists and spend more time and money on fashion than what many other people would spend on purchasing a house.

The question on people’s mind is “how do this people end up with the bad tattoos?” Maybe it’s none of their concern. With the modern film technology, the tattoo can just be done on the body and brushed out at will.

The celebrity who tops the list with the worst tattoo is Angelina Jolie who is considered one of the world’s most beautiful women. She has tattoos that resemble longitudes and latitudes on her bicep. Your mind races through many questions when you see her with an expensive couture gown intentionally leaving out the tattoos for the eyes to see.

The second person with a bad celebrity tattoo is Christina Ricci. She has a pair of praying hands just above her bikini. The tattoo is a fuzzy image that you can’t unequivocally state its nature. But to her, she seems comfortable with the tattoo.

John Meyer is number three on the list of the celebrities with bad tattoos. He has carp tattoo on his right upper arm. The fact that he chose to fill his one arm with what looks like cabbages demonstrates most of the celebrities’ lack of clues on tattoos.

Where do they get these bad tattoos? You ask yourself this question when ushering number four, Nicole Ritchie. Many girls have been to the tattoo shops demanding to copy Ritchie’s tiny back wings on his upper arm. Back wings are one of the worst tattoos.

Travis Barker is fifth celebrity that adorns the worst celebrity tattoo. Although many people adore him, the Blink drummer has a tiny pin head and neck sock tattoo on his arm.

Number six is celebrated soccer star, David Beckham. He has a stupid twat on his body. Bon Jovi has a superman tattoo that makes him the seventh celebrity with the worst tattoo. The funny thing is that Bon thinks he is cool with the bad tattoo.

The latest entries to the worst celebrity tattoos list feature because of the many tattoos on their body. Pink has so many bad tattoos on her body making her number eight. The outstanding worst tattoo on the back of her neck is the bad code.

The next entrant on number nine is Ruby Rose. She has a bad tattoo on her arms. Mike Tyson is the last person in the list of celebrities with the worst tattoo. He has a tribal like tattoo on her face. The worst part of it is that he thinks the tattoo on his face is fantastic.

However the best advice to people who want to have tattoos on their body is to choose serious art or symbolic art instead of coping it from somewhere or someone.

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