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Faster laser tattoo removal is near


Sascha Niemand is feeling a little apprehensive as he enters the doctor’s surgery. Awaiting him is a new laser machine named PicoSure which was designed to delete bad tattoos.

The burly insurance salesman is here to have an ornate tribal design that he’s had for more than 10 years removed.

“It was a sin of my youth. Over time it’s lost its shape. It looks like the Batman symbol now,” he says ruefully. Occasionally you can see the tattoo’s outline beneath his shirt and Niemand thinks this could put some of his clients off.

Niemand is being treated in the Centre for Laser Medicine at Ruhr University Clinic in Bochum, Germany. It’s the first clinic in Europe to use PicoSure, which initially went on sale in the United States, and has been testing the technology out since May.

The US company Cynosure makes the PicoSure range of laser systems.

It promises its lasers can almost completely remove a tattoo without leaving any shading or scars. Cynosure also says PicoSure is faster than other lasers and is almost painless.

“I watched a couple of videos online that showed how tattoos were removed with the old laser technology. That looked quite brutal,” says Niemand.

“They say the pain is even worse than getting tattooed in the first place.”

Shortly after Dr Klaus Hoffmann begins the treatment, Niemand says he’s pleasantly surprised. “It feels like small electric shocks.” After about 10 minutes the sitting is over. Between two and four more weekly sittings will be required to remove the tattoo.

In the past it took between 15 and 20 one-hour sittings to get the job done.

Tattoos have been massively trendy in Europe for the last few years. As regret sets in, the business of deleting them is on the rise, although it’s much more expensive to have a tattoo erased than to have it etched in the first place.

Hoffmann is very impressed with how PicoSure has performed. The machine removes tattoos by bombarding the colour particles with ultra-short blasts of light that last for tiny picoseconds.

The body’s scavenger cells then take care of removing the destroyed pigment. The skin’s natural pigment is not harmed by the procedure, which means there is no unsightly scarring.

“Patient inquiries have shot up since we started using PicoSure,” says Hoffmann.

However, Germany’s Association of Tattooists is not so welcoming of PicoSure.

“We are not happy with this laser treatment,” says spokesman Maik Frey. “We don’t know what long-term effect the laser will have on tattoo pigments.” The association says it has based its stance on findings by Germany’s Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR).

Scientists, doctors and tattooists discussed the possible connections between tattoos, allergies and cancer at a special conference organised by the BfR in June. To date the only thing that can be said is that getting a tattoo is not completely without risk.

The risks associated with the laser treatment also have not yet been fully assessed.

“We don’t know what happens to the pigment particles,” says Peter Laux from the BfR. Much information is still missing, such as what substances are formed by the laser in the body and how large are the remaining pigment particles.

Hoffmann believes those concerns are exaggerated. “They’re based on hypotheses and there are no known risk factors.”

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6 Workout Tips with a New Tattoo

Have you ever thought what is common between tattoos and workouts? Both of them help you enhance your look and make you addicted to them. Besides, they will provide you with the rush of adrenaline. In spite of that you must be extremely cautious if you get a new tattoo because it is difficult to work out and keep the new ink undamaged at the same time. Here are 6 important tips following which you can easily indulge in your favorite work out programs without causing any damage to your fresh tattoo.

1. First of all, you should not do any exercise where the tattoo might get rubbed against any surface. You must know that rough surfaces will scrape the new tattoo which will result in bleeding and eventually fading of it. Thus, sit-ups are complete no-no if you have a tattoo on your back.

2. You have to keep your oozing bandage away from the populace. It is quite unsanitary and might contain a lot of germs. Moreover, the tattoo will continue to ooze at least for three days. So, you should not go anywhere, not even to your gym until the bandage is removed. You have to stay clean and sweat free always so that there is no irritation on your skin.

3. You must stay away from weight bearing workouts as well as pull-ups because in all these exercises the skin gets stretched and thus, they will hurt you a lot.

4. If you are going for a run under the sun, it is imperative to protect your tattoo from the harmful rays of it. Your tattoo will be healed in more or less two weeks. After that, you must apply a sunscreen lotion having SPF 30 or more in order to protect your tattoo from fading.

5. When you are going to work out, you should wear loose clothes so that you don’t feel any irritation on the skin or the tattoo doesn’t get rubbed against your clothes.

6. Are you fond of swimming? Yes! But you have to prevent yourself from swimming for about two weeks. During this time, you can have any kind of infection more easily, particularly if you are using a public pool. Above all, if you soak the tattoo in the water, the scab might come off and consequently your tattoo will be damaged.

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Removing Bad Tattoos

There are quite a number of procedures in the market today that you can undertake to remove bad tattoos. This article will outline some of the most common procedures in view to educate the reader on the best options available to them. These procedures include the following:

Laser Tattoo Removal

This tattoo removal procedure is not only the most preferred of the available options but it is also one that is highly recommended by medical practitioners. To perform it, a laser treatment specialist applies a laser beam to the skin and disintegrates the tattoo ink into minute particles. Consequently, these particles gradually fade away into the skin. Laser treatment is common amongst clients because unlike other treatments, it is capable of effectively removing the intricate details of most contemporary tattoos.

The major advantage of laser tattoo removal is that it is less injurious to the skin than surgical procedures. However, bad tattoo removal by this procedure is expensive and can be painful particularly if your tattoo is huge and detailed. Furthermore, this procedure can take up to a year, as it performed in phases with durations in between for the skin to heal.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Procedure

This is a breakthrough tattoo removal procedure that works in a similar way to laser treatment, only that it functions by the use of a wand rather than a traditional laser. It is the ideal procedure for smaller tattoos. Recent customer testimonials show that this treatment is less painful than laser and less injurious to the skin. However, the treatment is known to be way expensive than laser therapy and requires more appointments with a specialist to effectively remove the tattoo.


Creams have been incessantly marketed over the internet as the best alternatives to laser surgery. Cream manufacturers claim that this form of treatment is painless and for the best results they are to be applied daily for up to 12 months. However, since you have to purchase enough cream to last you throughout the year, it is not an economical option. More so, most of these cream treatments lack clinical backing and the manufacturers offer no guarantees. Therefore, there is always the threat you might invest in an ineffective product with harmful ingredients.

Surgical Procedures (Excision)

This bad tattoo removal procedure is not for the faint hearted. It literally involves cutting out the inked area with the use of a scalpel and then stitching it. For bigger tattoos, skin is usually grafted back onto the area.

The obvious disadvantage is that this procedure not only disfigures the skin, but it can be pretty painful and you face more risks in terms of infection and further damage during the post surgery period. More so, skin grafting can be a complicated and costly process. However, excision can be ideal for clients with smaller tattoos as they are cheaper and instantaneous. It also performed as an alternative for those who get skin irritations by patch tests with a laser.

Natural Method

You can use a mixture off 12 natural products to eradicate your tattoo, they bring no unintended effects, they’re 100% natural, thay cause no skin scarring plus they are absolutely cheap besides they work every time, regardless of how dark they are, how old they may be or what pigments are used. Why don’t we get back behind how tattoos leaves a mark in to begin with so that you can better appreciate how natural products assure removing them.

You can learn the whole list of these natural ingredients and how to remove a tattoo naturally here at Get Rid Tattoo website.

Other Methods

Other methods include dermabrasion and salabrasion. They include sanding or scrubbing the skin so as to scrape off the inked areas. These methods are however uncommon these days as they are very harmful and render you highly vulnerable to infections and involve excessive bleeding.

Worst Tattoo Quotes Ever

Some tattoo quotes may negate their objectives if proper selection is not done. Misspelled words can make even the greatest tattoo quote to demonstrate lack of education and cleverness. Whether accidently or purposely, it can be one of the worst tattoo quotes ever. In case you are getting words from quotes or poems tattooed on the body, spend much time checking the word through the computer’s spell checker. For instance words such dog can be misspelled as do. Tattoo is permanent feature on the body that calls for sobriety, research and patience.

Seriously, it’s the whole package that makes Mena Suvari’s tattoo terrible and ridiculous. The tattoo quote is” word sound power“. Just try to imagine what went through the mind of the tattoo artist. He decided to make that illogical quote just right below a lion tattoo on the back of Mena’s neck. You may think that Mena has never realized how awful her tattoo looks since it’s on her back. I wish someone could have given her a mirror to check the tattoo. This demonstrates some of the celebrities’ lack of style when choosing tattoos.

Firstly, congratulations go to Megan Fox for quoting Shakespeare in her tattoo. The quote is we will all laugh at a gilded butterfly. Most of the tattoos with famous quotes just render the owner to look ridiculous and shallow instead of wise and deep. The tattoo on Megan’s back makes her look like someone without self-awareness at all. Does she realize that she is primarily the modern model of a glided butterfly? Megan is valued for her talent and depth and not as a statue that some horny dudes stare and admire. The quote is senselessly pretentious to an extent of making people lose respect for her. But maybe, she could be having a better explanation for the quote. The quote therefore nominates her to the worst tattoo quotes ever.

Some funny guy has also made a tattoo between his lips and nose. The quote is “pussy eater“. The quote just demonstrates his characters to people who do not know him. The tattoo is the dumbest and worst tattoo quotes ever. It can just be compared to a certain guy with a similar tattoo on her stomach. The tattoo is quoted, “it won’t suck itself” in reference to his dick. Who does he expect to suck him? The quote just shows clear disrespect for women.

There are times that you just stroll on the streets and unfortunately bump into some ridiculous and immoral tattoos. For instance, a certain chick with the quote “my vagina is beautiful” tattooed on her back. Who wanted to know about the beauty of your private parts? The tattoo just shows how lose the chick could be. Sometimes you just wish to take the law in your own hands and scrub out this kind of tattoo.

A woman was paid $10,000 to get a tattoo on her forehead. The tattoo was quoted“. She mentions her kids’ education as the justification for doing it. She is very dumb to know that $10,000 cannot even enable her get an associate degree.


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What Makes A Tattoo Really Bad

Tattoos have become increasingly popular and their popularity continues to rise to many youth. There are many tattoos that end up badly so that they do not look the way you intended it to be . There are many types of bad tattoos such as those with unclear graphics or text or misspelled, the colors used are done wrong or the tattoo is done too deep in the skin or too near the surface of the skin so it doesn’t look quite right. Badly done tattoos are also those that are just plain ugly, ridiculous or offensive.

One of the things that makes a tattoo really bad is when a tattooist does a poor job or does not have enough experience so that the tattoo graphics look elementary or basic with no artistic flair. Tattoos are meant to be works of art and they should be beautiful.
A tattoo without an outline will look unfinished or like a splotch of color on your skin which is not the look you want. A good tattoo has an outline and shading so that the graphics have texture, depth and dimension which is what gives your tattoo character.

Misspelled words are one of the most popular mistakes done on tattoos. Another popular mistake with letter and text tattoos is getting tattoos in a foreign language that you don’t understand and if the letters are not like the conventional alphabet, then the chances of getting them wrong is high. Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese characters are some of the most popular tattoos that end up wrongly done or misspelled.

Cover up tattoos are done on the surface of an old tattoo to try and improve the old one or conceal what the old one is. A cover up tattoo is supposed to improve the appearance of a tattoo however if the tattoo is not done well the tattoo will look worse than it did before. Offensive and ridiculous tattoos are bad choices that are made especially when they are in a visible part of the body. Racist text, tattoos that express bigotry of some kind, insulting and rude language may not be the best choice to have permanently expressed on your body. It is also not the wisest option to get a lover’s name tattooed because when the relationship ends you will be left with the name as a constant reminder of your failed relationship.

To ensure that you don’t end up with a tattoo that does not end up the way you envisioned, look at the tattoo artists portfolio; it will help if it has photos as well. Study the photos of what you want done; if you want a text tattoo pay attention to his textual work so you can determine if that is what you want. Make sure the tattoo artist uses a stencil before she begins to work on your skin so that if the stencil is wrong, it can be corrected. Get referrals from people with tattoos especially from those whose tattoos look good.

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Signs You Are In The Wrong Tattoo Shop

Getting a tattoo could be a bit scary for most people, but it is usually considered as a great way to break free. While it can be tough at first sight, it is still a very exhilarating experience that can be a great way to show what you feel. It is best, however, to know whether or not you are getting the right type of tattoo from a qualified place. The truth is that there are way too many tattoo shops that aren’t reliable enough for getting that perfect tattoo. Here’s some tips on looking for signs you are in the wrong tattoo shop.

What are signs to show that you are in the wrong tattoo shop?

If hygiene isn’t important

When you walk into a nice tattoo shop, make sure that the hygiene aspect is thought about by the designer. He or she that is giving the tattoo should implement the right sterilization on your body where the tattoo is going to be placed and the tattoo creator that she will use to create your tattoo. Make sure that even if the area is a little messy that the tools being used are cleaned up to provide for you the best possible tattoo. If they do not do anything to keep your skin healthy, then you are definitely in the wrong type of place to get a tattoo.

– If they are bad artists

A great sign to look for is to see if the designers that work there have great list of past work. This is the best thing to consider simply because there are way too many tattoo artists that have no knowledge or experience whatsoever. You should never go to a designer that doesn’t have any proof of their wonderful designs. Most of the designers that you see will either not be professional enough or have the right drive to give the best quality in their tattoos. Look out for bad tattoo artists.

– If their prices are too high

While this shouldn’t even be your biggest thing to think about, it is definitely helpful for many people. When you get the best prices, it can really save you a lot of cash. Of course, you should never really sacrifice quality anytime soon, but it is definitely helpful when you get a good designer who is still willing to price their rates lower than usual. Trying to get a nice tattoo that is cheap involves taking the time to look for a few tattoo artists that are affordable.

Getting bad tattoos is not a good idea. Those tattoos of yours are going to last for years and years and will never disappear, and that is why you really need to make sure that you get a good tattoo. It does take time to find that perfect tattoo artist, but it shouldn’t take too long to find a nice person who has real experience and nice designs available. Avoid a bad tattoo today and get that perfect tattoo by getting a professional, but cheap artist. Don’t forget to look into the ideas above to see what you should avoid in a tattoo artist.


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Health And Safety Issues in Getting a Tattoo

There are safety and health issues as regards to getting a tattoo. This is because your skin must be punctured so that the ink can be pierced into the dermis which is the second level of the skin. Some of the health and safety issues as pertains to tattoos include infections at the tattoo site. Tattooing is done by piercing the skin so there must be a high level of hygiene when getting the tattoo done so as to reduce the chances of getting an infection. If hygiene is not observed it can result in bacterial infections and this can lead to serious diseases.

Another health concern is an allergic reaction to the tattoo dyes that are used. Since these dyes have not been FDA approved, you cannot know how safe the use of these dyes is for you. The best thing to do is if you experience an allergic reaction while getting the tattoo, stop doing it so that your symptoms do not become any worse. You are also at a risk of developing keloids which are hard swollen like growths that are as a result of scar tissue overgrowth. Granulomas can also form which are small bumps under the skin where the tattoo site is. If these growths lead to health complications, then the tattoo may have to be removed eventually.

Other health issues that could arise as a result of getting a tattoo are the risk of getting infected with diseases that are transmitted by blood such as Hepatitis B and C, the HIV virus and tetanus. If the tattoo artist does not change the tattooing needle or sterilize the equipment properly and thoroughly, then the risk of getting Hepatitis and the HIV virus increases. To avoid the risk of getting tetanus, the tattoo artist should use a new needle.

Some of the things that you should look out for when getting a tattoo are; the tattoo parlor should look clean and it should be licensed by the necessary health and safety government organizations. When getting your tattoo you should see a new needle removed from sealed packaging to ensure that it is new and therefore safe. The tattoo artist should wash his or her hands and put on a new set of gloves, a new packet of individual ink should be used and don’t allow ink in an unsealed container to be used on you because it could have been used on someone else and it could be unsanitary. All countertops and surfaces should be disinfected and cleaned before you begin the tattoo procedure. The equipment that needs to be sterilized should be done by an autoclave as this will safely sterilize all stainless steel equipment.

On your part, take care of your tattoo so that you don’t get an infection. Clean the tattoo regularly with soap and water and ensure the tattoo site is well covered but not too tightly. Do not get a tattoo while you have been drinking as alcohol thins the blood and you may have excessive bleeding.

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Good And Bad Reasons For Getting A Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a major long term decision, since it is going to be there forever. It is true that laser removal can be efficient when it comes to eliminating tattoos, but this technique will never manage to completely remove a tattoo, it can only lighten it and make it less visible. This is why it is essential to make the right decision. In this article I will present you the good and bad reasons for getting a tattoo.

Positive Aspects Of Tattoos

A tattoo can express your personality and your beliefs. Tens of millions of people all across the globe have at least one tattoo, and the number keeps growing. Besides, a well-designed tattoo can also be a great reminder of something or somebody, a vivid reminder you will always carry around with you. Tattoos are not only a form of self-expression, but also a form of self-improvement. They can make you stand out from the crowd in a very original manner.

Another positive aspect is that cover-up tattoos can efficiently hide scars. Whether they come from an extended surgery or from an accident, scars are very bothersome. Fortunately, an experienced tattoo artist can help you completely cover up the scars. You only have to choose the model and the tattoo artist will do the job!

Negative Aspects Of Tattoos

One of the main negative aspects in this case is that getting a tattoo may involve some health risks. First and foremost, it is essential to get your tattoo done at a professional salon, where the artist works only with high-quality inks and sterile utensils. This way, you minimize the risks of contracting dangerous diseases. Besides, the cleaner the environment, the lower the risks of having an infected tattoo.

Another negative aspect is that tattoos can have a negative impact when you are trying to obtain a job, especially if your tattoos are visible (on the neck or hands, for instance). Moreover, besides the fact that they can interfere with your professional life, the chances are that you will get bored of your tattoos at a certain point. Even if you choose one of the numerous tattoo removal procedures, you will still have a scar there.

Last but not least, you can never be sure of the quality of the tattoo. It is true that proper care is very important, but both the quality of the ink and the experience of the artist are essential when it comes to obtaining a high-quality tattoo. Thousands of people got bad tattoos that were not spelt correctly and unfortunately, there is not much they can do about them.

In conclusion, these are the main pros and cons of getting a tattoo. They are beautiful and they allow you to express yourself in a very original manner. On the other hand, they can have a negative impact on your life, at a certain point. If you decide to get a tattoo, make sure you focus on the after care, since proper after care will make it long-lasting. Moreover, make sure you choose a reputable tattoo salon, in order to prevent unpleasant situations.

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How to Get an Awesome Tattoo

A tattoo is a form of body art formed by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. It is advisable to avoid getting a bad tattoo, since it is something one has to live with forever, unless one can afford laser removal. In order to get an awesome tattoo, there are several factors that one must consider. Factors to be considered include the design choice, the tattoo artist, the cost, and the aftercare methods among other factors.

For a tattoo to be amazing, it should reflect on one’s personality. This is where the choice of a good design comes into play; otherwise one runs the risk of getting a bad tattoo. Before embarking on getting a tattoo, one should get a design that appeals to them and they should take time to look at it and ensure that they will not get bored or out grow it. The design should be pressed on the body before the tattooing process to ensure that it is what one really wants. One’s profession and social circles also determine the placement of the tattoo.

The choice of a tattoo artist is one of the paramount factors that determine the quality of a tattoo that one may end up with. In the recent past there has been an upsurge of inexperienced and untrained tattoo artists. Therefore, it is paramount that one goes to a licensed tattoo parlor. A person who is interested in getting a tattoo should take their time to shop around for a good and licensed tattoo artist. The tattoo artist should present a portfolio, should be professional, polite and talented. Getting a tattoo done by a professional artist reduces the risk of getting a bad tattoo and infections. The instruments used during the process should be sterilized.

The tattoo artist advice the client on how to take care of the tattoo to ensure it does not get infected. Additionally, the tattoo should be kept moist while it is healing. Swimming, sitting in a sauna and other activities that may exposure one to sunlight should also be avoided, as this hinders the healing process and destroys the tattoo. One should also wait for 24 hours before removing the dressing. Shaving the tattooed area while the wound is still fresh should be avoided as one risks damaging the artwork. It is only safe to shave after the peeling stage has finished as the skin starts to regenerate and produce a new protective layer of skin.

Another significant factor that is sometimes assumed by many is the health of the person getting the tattoo. It is important to ensure that one is of sound health before getting a tattoo. This is because one risks passing the infection to other people. The tattoo may not heal as fast when one is sick.

A bad tattoo comes about when all this factors are not considered. It is therefore important for an interested person to take their time to ensure that the above factors are considered to avoid getting a bad tattoo.

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Celebrities With Bad Tattoos

Although one may be tolerant and understanding to the diversity and variety of tattoo art designs, some bad celebrity tattoos cannot escape your attention. These are individuals who reap millions from their performances and therefore deserve a perfect look. Most of them have personal stylists and spend more time and money on fashion than what many other people would spend on purchasing a house.

The question on people’s mind is “how do this people end up with the bad tattoos?” Maybe it’s none of their concern. With the modern film technology, the tattoo can just be done on the body and brushed out at will.

The celebrity who tops the list with the worst tattoo is Angelina Jolie who is considered one of the world’s most beautiful women. She has tattoos that resemble longitudes and latitudes on her bicep. Your mind races through many questions when you see her with an expensive couture gown intentionally leaving out the tattoos for the eyes to see.

The second person with a bad celebrity tattoo is Christina Ricci. She has a pair of praying hands just above her bikini. The tattoo is a fuzzy image that you can’t unequivocally state its nature. But to her, she seems comfortable with the tattoo.

John Meyer is number three on the list of the celebrities with bad tattoos. He has carp tattoo on his right upper arm. The fact that he chose to fill his one arm with what looks like cabbages demonstrates most of the celebrities’ lack of clues on tattoos.

Where do they get these bad tattoos? You ask yourself this question when ushering number four, Nicole Ritchie. Many girls have been to the tattoo shops demanding to copy Ritchie’s tiny back wings on his upper arm. Back wings are one of the worst tattoos.

Travis Barker is fifth celebrity that adorns the worst celebrity tattoo. Although many people adore him, the Blink drummer has a tiny pin head and neck sock tattoo on his arm.

Number six is celebrated soccer star, David Beckham. He has a stupid twat on his body. Bon Jovi has a superman tattoo that makes him the seventh celebrity with the worst tattoo. The funny thing is that Bon thinks he is cool with the bad tattoo.

The latest entries to the worst celebrity tattoos list feature because of the many tattoos on their body. Pink has so many bad tattoos on her body making her number eight. The outstanding worst tattoo on the back of her neck is the bad code.

The next entrant on number nine is Ruby Rose. She has a bad tattoo on her arms. Mike Tyson is the last person in the list of celebrities with the worst tattoo. He has a tribal like tattoo on her face. The worst part of it is that he thinks the tattoo on his face is fantastic.

However the best advice to people who want to have tattoos on their body is to choose serious art or symbolic art instead of coping it from somewhere or someone.

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