6 Workout Tips with a New Tattoo

Have you ever thought what is common between tattoos and workouts? Both of them help you enhance your look and make you addicted to them. Besides, they will provide you with the rush of adrenaline. In spite of that you must be extremely cautious if you get a new tattoo because it is difficult to work out and keep the new ink undamaged at the same time. Here are 6 important tips following which you can easily indulge in your favorite work out programs without causing any damage to your fresh tattoo.

1. First of all, you should not do any exercise where the tattoo might get rubbed against any surface. You must know that rough surfaces will scrape the new tattoo which will result in bleeding and eventually fading of it. Thus, sit-ups are complete no-no if you have a tattoo on your back.

2. You have to keep your oozing bandage away from the populace. It is quite unsanitary and might contain a lot of germs. Moreover, the tattoo will continue to ooze at least for three days. So, you should not go anywhere, not even to your gym until the bandage is removed. You have to stay clean and sweat free always so that there is no irritation on your skin.

3. You must stay away from weight bearing workouts as well as pull-ups because in all these exercises the skin gets stretched and thus, they will hurt you a lot.

4. If you are going for a run under the sun, it is imperative to protect your tattoo from the harmful rays of it. Your tattoo will be healed in more or less two weeks. After that, you must apply a sunscreen lotion having SPF 30 or more in order to protect your tattoo from fading.

5. When you are going to work out, you should wear loose clothes so that you don’t feel any irritation on the skin or the tattoo doesn’t get rubbed against your clothes.

6. Are you fond of swimming? Yes! But you have to prevent yourself from swimming for about two weeks. During this time, you can have any kind of infection more easily, particularly if you are using a public pool. Above all, if you soak the tattoo in the water, the scab might come off and consequently your tattoo will be damaged.

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